Granny Chic - Interior Design

Did you know there is a style that is taking over the interior design and fashion worlds? I'm feeling quite validated, because this style is being dubbed "Granny Chic".

Basically, whether we're talking about an interior space or an outfit, Granny Chic is the age-old (pun intended) practice of mixing vintage (or vintage looking) with modern...but doing it right.

Here are a few of my favorite examples in interior design:

summer lounge eclectic living room
....yes, as you know, I am a big fan of LP' goal is to darn-near singlehandedly revive the art of LP record listening. This record player is a little too new for my tastes, but I like the LP collection. Love the vintage suitcase, too. Notice the plates on the walls. Mmmmm-hmmmm...that's called Granny You-Know-What. ("Chic")

Dreamy Whites eclectic bedroom
(by Dreamy Whites)

in this little Granny Chic (some would say "Shabby Chic", but I like Granny Chic better) space, I am loving the nature study calendar. Grannies are big on taking walks and studying nature with their grands...also love the vintage linens. Be still my Granny Heart.

Loft shots eclectic home office
I love this so, so much. I think it is my favorite example of "Granny Chic". Color is important in Granny Chic. Neutral backdrop, with pops of color. Ecclectic, not all one single style. Someday, when we're looking at my very own creative space, my wall will be full of the grandchildren's art. Just you wait and see.

Canadian Cottage traditional bedroom

Color is important in Granny Chic decor - how much is up to the Granny. In this case, color is supplied by the single stems of flowers, each in its own bud vase. Very Granny.

Charlotte Moss Kips Bay Master Suite traditional home office

This is one of my favorite examples of Granny Chic. I do imagine my someday-office to look a bit like this. My walls will be covered in the grandchildren's art, and Jonathan Howe originals...please note the fresh flowers. Always fresh flowers.

Living Room traditional living room

repurposed, restored, and slipcovered furniture is Granny Chic at its very best.

Somehow combine all the ingredients you've seen above, shake it and stir it and pop an olive in it, and you'll have the look I am going for...with one caveat: I'm hoping the only cluttered spaces will be our home office space, and my creative space. I would want all the public spaces of my home, and my bedroom, to be less cluttered. Everything with that neutral backdrop, pops of color, and an educated mix of vintage objects, antique furniture and modern fabric patterns.

And very grandchild friendly. Can't wait to show you my coffee is my very first purposefully Granny Chic mini-design-project, since Little Britches is now holding onto it and walking around it all the time. I've designed it with vintage-looking toys, fabric blocks, my antique typewriter (which he is always free to play with), a trio of those LCD flickering light candles (no danger of burns!), and a ticking fabric runner. I am loving it!
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