Granny Chic

I am feeling quite validated. Because there is a design trend taking over both the interior design and the fashion design world...that trend is being called "Granny Chic". Look it up. It is very real.

I fully embrace it. Amen.

Did you know that celebrities (not all of them, but some famous, and quite young ones) are having their hair dressers put gray streaks in their hair, if they don't have a cool gray streak of their own? Stacy London, of "What Not to Wear" fame - her gray streak is real.

I'm talking celebs putting fake gray streaks in their hair.

Granny Chic...

Been working on a post about Granny Chic in interior design - can't wait to share it with you!

It's a great day to be a Grandmother, friends. If you don't have a cutie-patootie grand yet....well, be jealous. Be very jealous. You can't rock the Granny Chic until you are a Grandmother.

"Granny" is no longer synonymous with "old". We sequel-mothers are rocking our homes and our outfits, and are living our lives with such intention and passion and success. We are abandoning status quo, and redefining the whole concept of grandmothering by unapologetically combining our modern youthful sense of beauty with our great-great grandmother's educated domesticity.

We're having fun doing it. Full-time, work-at-home grandmothers, or work-outside-the-home grandmothers, we are finding our hearts filled with a fresh love and tenacious commitment to the success of our littlest ones.

And we find ourselves the trend setters. Crazy-cool.
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