"66/1" is Born (New Design)

Finally, the first version of my "66/1" design is birthed!  She's a necklace, instead of a cuff, which is a surprise even to me.  But she wanted to be a necklace, for her debut.

The first charm is hand stamped "66/1", as in "66 books in the Bible, 1 message".  The second charm is a cross, the last charm is a key.

"66 books in the Bible, 1 message, and the cross is the only key to understanding the message properly"...

...is the truth behind the symbolism that is this piece of jewelry.  The word "GRACE" is hand stamped on the leather pendant - that one word encapsulates the one message of the sixty-six books of the Bible.

The pendant is finished in torn fabric, for a vintage, edgy-yet-feminine sort of look.  Comes with a long silver chain, can be simply slipped over your head, no fastening or unfastening necessary - which is my all time favorite length of necklace!

Available in my shop, as soon as I get the time to take better pictures!

Email me, if you wish to pre-order.  She'll be priced at $35, shipping and handling included in the lower 48 states!
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