My Warped Sense of Humor...

Went with a friend to an exclusive art gallery in that features several mixed media artists. It. Was. Heavenly.

For fun, on the way down my friend and I arranged to have this picture snapped, at a Georgia rest stop. I sent it to The Preacher's phone...with only the word, "Oops" :

That was my best "Oh no. I got busted in 'da hood" face. It was the best this homegirl could manage. The Preacher knew the pic was a hoax. He knew right away that I was messin' with him. He failed to see the humor. Me?

I howled, giggled, guffawed, and chuckled my way all the way on to Atlanta, where I commenced to having yet more fun.

This is how I deal with stress. Thank you, Georgia State Police Department, for cooperating with Operation Recover Sheila's Sanity.

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