Latest Addition to the Art Studio... a beautiful chandelier, made by my daughter Hannah, over at Daughter By Design. She finds old-but-working light fixtures, and she blesses them with her eye for design, painting them, and adorning them with real crystals - either clear or of various colors. Then she sells them for a pretty penny. But this one, she made just for me...for my new art studio.

Gorgeous much?

 I knew you'd agree.  I think so, too.  Ignore the art journaling going on at the table (the beautiful leather bound book with the hand-edged watercolor papers, a gift from my other daughter, Sarah)... has been a rough couple of weeks, here at the cottage.  I'm emoting on paper.  I've heard it called "Praying In Color".  It's cheaper than therapy, healthier than meds, and much easier on all my friends.

I'll fill you in on whatever it is that is going on later....whenever I figure out what is going on.  This could be a good thing, or it could be a very bad thing.  Youngest children tend to give their parents a run for their money like that.

And the nest? may or may not be empty.  We shall see.

I know, right?  Pray for me, friends.  God, grant me the serenity.  Help me, Rhonda.  Jesus take the wheel...

...and I am so grateful for wild sons and stable daughters.  Both are a blessing - just in different ways.  One tends to be a happy sort of blessing, the other a blessing that deepens and strengthens you.

You know.  "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

I say it again - by faith, before the outcome can even be seen:

Grace will accomplish what the law could never do.
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