Sold Before I Could Put It In The Shop...But!

The original sold before I could list it in my shop.  But!  But prints are available in my shop.

Also, this is now available:

 My new design, called the "66/1".  (66 books in the Bible...only 1 message, and the cross is the key to understanding that message!)  I'm so excited about this long, lean, ultra-creative design.  The necklace has been test driven by my daughter Hannah and I both, and we love it...and it gets compliments.  It is an unusual design...not for everyone.  But I don't pretend to design for everyone - just artsy, creative Jesus freaks.

Yeah.  Pretty much, that is my demographic.  We're a small demographic, but our destiny is world domination.  (Cue Handel's Messiah..."and He shall reign forever and everrrrrr!")

You think I'm kidding.

 I'm stinkin' proud of it.  So proud to be serving the King with my gifts and art and life and blog...and stuff and things.

Goodnight.  It is late.  Amen.
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