Lillian Has A New Home

...the Lillian Collection has sold. She will soon be shipped out of the country. I confess, I am a bit nostalgic about it, as I named this collection after my great-grandmother, Lillian Marie McCommons.

She's the first collection I ever made...and I was so afraid to begin deconstructing all my vintage pieces (bought at an estate sale, at what for me was a dear price) and reinterpreting them into new, original designs. I created the Lillian first...before the Aidyn and the Kaitlyn Marie and the others...because I was so partial to the elements I created her with...the crystal bracelet, vintage earring, and vintage pocket watch. From the earrings to the tassel on the end of that watch-pendant, the Lillian is stunning and beautiful.

The woman who wears her must wear her with grace and must be....or become...confident of her own innate beauty....the Lillian simply comes with that sort of mojo all over her. She'll make that wearer feel so special....because Lillian knows there isn't another piece of jewelry like her, anywhere in the whole world. She was resurrected literally from the dust of a huge old box, redesigned, remixed, and given a brand new life, and she is a work of art that is completely, completely unique. You cannot buy her at any price in any department store.

She's born from the heart.

I love that. Call me imaginative, but I believe she'll impart a blessing to the wearer.

Written for you with love...

Sheila Atchley

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