Sold Before She Could Be In The Shop...


Another "In The Middle" girl has sold...literally, the paint wasn't dry on her.  She sold right off of Facebook.
Everyone celebrates beginnings, and they commemorate endings, but the middle gets lost in the...well, the middle.  Particularly, few celebrate the beauty of the middle age woman.  I aim to change that, both in life and in art.  Thus, the birth of my "In The Middle" art theme.  ("Mercy In The Middle" is also the title of the message I spoke, at the Master Builder's National Conference - our church's network - in Florida, back in '03.  I plan on making that message available via MP3 download soon...)
The middle is what you make of it.  If you need a little perspective, I would be privileged to help you see the beauty inherent in your middle.
Two other of my girls did make it to the shop today (they weren't featured on Facebook).  They aren't "In the Middle" girls, but I think you'll find them lovely just the same...

"Shared Secrets"...and...

"She Cut Her Own Hair"...(subtitle, "Crowning Glory)

"Shared Secrets" made me smile, but "She Cut Her Own Hair" made me laugh out loud.  I don't know where she came from, I promise.  She may or may not be autobiographical.  I may or may not have needed to reassure myself one day recently.  I so love the crown that sits on top of her "Crowning Glory".
Both these 5x5 mixed media originals are available in my shop.

Enough about me...what do you think about my hair?

(All intellectual and visual art property entitled "In The Middle", featured on this blog and in my shop, belongs to Sheila Atchley Designs. Thanks for respecting that... )

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