My Favorite {Country} Song

Ah. If you knew me.

Some of you do know me. You know that I love country music...yeah...I'm that kind of southern girl. My first love has been, will always be, the great old hymns of the faith. But when I need a break from my own intensity {which is often} I crank up the country tunes.

Which brings me to my all-time fav-or-ite country tune. If you knew me...this song is exactly me and my Preacher. Just substitute a little red Geo Tracker for the jeep (in this so-sweet music video).

 And as for the Preacher's truck...this is exactly how we roll. Windows down, and my fingers playing with his crew cut on the back of his head. Even the dog! We have a teacup poodle who always rode with us in our little Tracker. We'd go to the mountains, the Preacher and I, and let him out. (Can't do that anymore...he has gotten old, bless his tiny heart!) He was way too little to swim in the creek, but we always had so much fun taking that little poodle with us - sometimes just Tim and the puppy, sometimes just me and the puppy, sometimes both of us...and the puppy.

Enjoy. This is the kind of music that untangles your soul.
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