Smartphone App Review - Hair Makeover

My daughter Hannah discovered a fun smartphone app called "Hair Makeover". She snapped my picture, and then proceeded to send me lots of new 'do ideas!

To give you an idea, if you haven't met me, this is my hair...{well, it is also a shameless grandson brag, but you'll grant grace? Thank you...}

Now. Hair makeover magic...behold!

What do you think? ::cough::

Or this:

This is closer. Too dark, but closer.

What do you think of this:

Call me crazy, but I love this color. Not so much the style...this style is too twenty-something-long for my forty-something face. I can do side buns, but not long, long braids.


Actually, most of my girlfriends loved this one. But my hair would never look this way unless I flatironed the heck out of it every. single. day.

I should have been suspicious when the next photo text was quite some time later:

Meet The Preacher. In a manner of speaking.

I have no idea what app she used for this!

Grace and Peace,

Sheila Atchley

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