Legitimate Authority {Leadership 101}

It has been four years to the week from the point in time which a controlling spirit tried to take out the church where my husband serves as senior pastor.

I call it a controlling spirit, and I am being nice. That is a restrained assessment.

God delivered us, and I can honestly say we are insanely blessed. Not even lying. Anyone who knows us intimately will agree.

Back to what we learned, four years ago. And I can speak of it freely now because...well, because it's been four years. Our church is in a healthy place, with no "controlling spirit" issues.

Perfect time to address issues of control and manipulation, and how it always guns for a legitimate leader.

Manipulation always starts out by assuring a leader that it has that leader's best interests at heart. But give it time. When you cross opinions with a spirit of control in a serious way, things get stiff and ugly. Only the strongest, most legitimate leaders are left standing after an attack of manipulation and control.

The weird thing? The spirit of control always plays the control card. It accuses a leader of being controlling. Always. Bank on it.

Please get this down, and get it down quickly. This is for your good:

All legitimate leadership is strong, decisive leadership.

I know, I know. History shows us that all controlling tyrants were/are also strong, decisive leaders.

Therefore all strong decisive leaders are controllers and tyrants?

A cat has four legs, and a dog has four legs, therefore a cat is a dog? Come on, now.

Friends, let me do something I have not done on this blog in a long time: let me tell you what I sense God is about to do next. We are about to see God show His support of legitimate leadership in amazing, obvious ways. Those who come under the covering of legitimate leadership will be quite blessed.

Why is this?

Because a covering...covers. ::cough::

I am sorry to seem like I am pointing out the obvious, but a covering is far more profound than most Christians know. The enemy of your soul has a goal: to "rain down upon you" all kinds of obstruction and destruction. Being under proper covering keeps some things from hitting you upside the head, that would otherwise hit you upside the head.

I hear some say, "God is my covering." Sorry...but you are not the exception to all Divine Order. You simply are not. God has ordained leadership...He has set human beings in positions of spiritual authority.

Now...before you freak out because of all your bad past experiences, just remember:

A cat is not a dog.

The difference between illegitimate spiritual authority and legitimate spiritual authority lies entirely in two things: track record and motive.

There is no perfect leadership, but the church has been blessed with some leaders who serve the flock of God willingly, and from a motive of the glory of God. And they have a long track record of faithfulness, instead of a string of broken significant relationships.

If you have a leader like that in your life...one that seeks God's glory, preaches an undiluted Gospel of Grace, and has a record of faithfulness....run, do not walk, run under his covering. Place yourself there with great joy.

You will be....covered.

That, in days ahead, will be worth everything to you.

I have more to say, but ye canst not bear-eth it now-eth.

Nah...just kidding! I have more to say, but I will make that another post for another day. I have stirred up enough trouble for one evening.


Grace and Peace,

Sheila Atchley

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