Painting Through My Playlist {...a new series...}

Today, inexplicably, I knew had to be the day. The day I would surf the learning curve and post my first art video.

No, wait. I do not surf my learning curves. My learning curves are straight-up, 90-degree angles. I NASA-launch my learning angles. Unfortunately, I sometimes take the Preacher with me...a willing, if not weary participant in the adventure that is my art business. The following represents 10 hours of my time, with about 5 hours of his mixed in - with lots of, "Oops-sorry-babe-my-bad's" mixed in. He was good about it, working a couple of hours in the early evening, taking a "break" to visit a friend in the hospital, then coming home to edit and mess up and start over and finally upload to YouTube at 1 o'clock this morning.

Then, to get up at 6:30 to be ready for an early morning meeting.

My Boo is the bomb.

I send this out into the world with a prayer...that someone, somewhere would find renewed hope, and faith in Christ Jesus. Truly, He has made beautiful things from the dust of my life...

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