Thoughts, the Day Before My Daughter's Wedding

I don’t know how many of you have come to the kind of watershed moment, when you realize, “My life’s work is in front of me. Here. Right here, right now.”

Last night, I left the barn, where the wedding reception will be held, and went by the church to drop minutiae off and load yet more minutiae back into my van to take back to the barn tomorrow.

All was still, dark, and quiet. When I finished the tasks, it was about 10 PM, and I realized: I will not have another quiet, alone moment until after the wedding. This was it.

This was my time.

I turned out all the lights, and lit the candles in the sanctuary and laid on the floor at the altar. Quiet. Still. Absorbing all that is about to happen to our family. Then I turned over on my back and, arms laid wide on the floor, stared up at the ceiling….vanilla sweetly scenting the air. It was then, I realized…I was looking at the beginning of the culmination of the first half of my LIFE’S WORK….and it is GOOD!


Let me tell you, it does not get sweeter than this.

There I was, lying on the floor of the church. I remembered when we bought that little building. I remembered all the labor and tears and laughter that has gone into planting this church called Harvest. My oldest (by 30 seconds) daughter is about to get married in that little sanctuary, to a man of God, with an apostolic calling. (He’ll be a lifetime coming into something that profound. Ask me how I know. ) The wedding will take place in less than two days, at the very altar where I lay. Holy ground! Many Harvest members remember getting married there!

I thought of all the work everyone has put into ALL the weddings that have taken place in Harvest….Hannah’s included. And I began to weep aloud. A spirit of prayer and thanksgiving came upon me and my inner being just mightily magnified the Lord. I asked Him fervently to bless each Harvester with HIS BEST. This is community…this is church family….at its sweetest and finest.

Prophetically, Sarah is “30 seconds away” from her sister. There will be one more wedding. Then one more. Then one more.

I know that someday I will hold grandchildren, and will begin to get a glimpse of the second half of my life’s work. It will seem stunningly wonderful and impossibly daunting, all at the same time, I am sure. I will plant whole households, as each of my children marries….and plant whole churches. Spiritual children, coming of age. Spiritual grandchildren will be next.

All of it rolled over me last night. “Deep calls to deep, all Your waves and breakers have gone over me…” the Psalmist declared. For the first time, I know…I mean, I really know….what he meant. They are refreshing, these waves, in this season of my life. Tingly and sweet and perfumey and misty and mellow. The Lord is good.
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