Sarah's Wedding Shower

Her present from mom and dad...
I was married twenty plus years before I got one of these!

My fiesty "little girl" will be a married wife in less than two weeks.

::happy sigh::

And he's a good man - talented, Godly, a summa cum-laude art school graduate, and a man who understands the importance of the local church. This young man never dated until he met our daughter. Never. He waited for her, with all his heart. She is the only woman he has ever cared for, or kissed.

How uncommon is that? I told you he is one in a million. A good man.

Sarah's wedding shower was yesterday. Suddenly, in the wake of a long, cold winter...out comes the sun. Wouldn't you know it? Even the sun marks his calendar for The Princess's Special Day, (Sarah's name means "princess") and comes back from his vacation earlier than orginally planned.

My sister did it again! She planned and executed Hannah's wedding shower last April, and then planned and executed Sarah's shower yesterday...she has a sparkling, amazing gift of hospitality and event planning. I'm telling you, this woman could do this professionally, and name her price. She's that good.

She reserved a special room for the party, and we all walked in to a feast in every sense of the word....a feast for the appetite and the senses. The fragrance of vanilla candles filled the air, and all was decorated in the browns and "soft metals" that is the color story of the wedding.

such beauty...

Sweet couple!

Party favors...

Food tables...


...and more gifts...


Did I tell you that my sister is talented?

Hand calligraphied by a local artist-friend, and member of our church (Need one? Contact me!)

The bridesmaids Emily (in pink) and twin sister Hannah (snapping a photo)

Lifting a heavy box of SPICES! (I keep reminding myself "thou shalt not steal"...or covet.)

It was such special.

The book is a running joke between Sarah and her twin...(Hannah is a fashionista - Sarah is not.)

My lovely sister, who kept us wildly entertained with a monologue during the present-unwrapping-time. She is hilariously funny.

This will come in handy, will it not?

Sarah is more than able, now, to set up housekeeping. God has been beyond good to my daughter...and her future husband is getting the best of the very best.

Can't wait to see them start their new life together!

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