Grace, Forever Grace, Amazing Grace!

Even though this is my blog, I have refrained from plugging my church or my pastor - even though I love my church and I sleep with my pastor.

(he is my husband)

But yesterday's message is too good for you to miss. He's still at it. Would you like to hear some of what is turning a few lives inside out, getting some healed of emotional conditions and skin conditions and pain conditions...just sitting under the grace message?

Click your way over to Click on "resources". Scroll down to February 28th's message entitled Old Covenant Fullfilled by Jesus, New Covenant Established in Jesus - February 28, 2010 (Download) .

Pour yourself a good, strong cup of coffee, and make sure your socks stay pulled all the way up, because this was some anointed preachin'. I'm just sayin'.

We began in January 2009, preaching grace. Here we are, as a church...well into 2010...and we are still in our "Year of Grace". No end in sight. I'm still thrilling to the theology of the gospel, and still wallowing in the anointing I have discovered when I distanced myself, at great cost TO myself, from the theology of a few analytics who love to have their devotions with dead guys. Actually, that isn't true...the analytics distanced themselves from me. At the time, it felt like a costly loss, but I was not the initiator of the break down in the relationship. I would have preserved it at all costs, short of compromising the gospel. So let's just say, when the distance happened, there was a very real break-through in my life...a release of anointing.

There are writings of dead guys who, generations ago were prone to opine on "Christian Perfection", with one eye on me, figuratively speaking, making sure I was behavin' right....rather than breathlessly gazing on the Son, like everyone knows a real theologian and a truly enraptured heart will do, and then declare, "hear ye Him."

I love to read me some dead guys myself...but only in the context of the gospel as handed down to us in Scripture, through the inspired Word of God. See, Scripture is alive. I'd prefer to base my devotions on the living, not the dead.

Then, on a whole other front, you got the theology of the Hebraic Roots Movement. A true revelation of Jesus Christ and the grace of God will quickly marginalize those doctrines that would have you cling to Hebrew Roots.

And a revelation of the grace of God will marginalize Christian Perfection dead guy doctrine....see, these are 2 sides of the same law-emphasizing coin.

That coin, plus all the obedience to the law that you can muster on your worst day, plus all the perfection you can crank out on your best day, will enable you to buy your very own curse and a cup of bad coffee. It doesn't bring a blessing.

Grace now. Grace ever. Christ alone. Gospel plus nothing.

Here are the lyrics to a worship song we sang this past Sunday...whew. Heaven came down. I'm telling you, amongst preachers and song writers all over this world, there is a gospel tsunami that is moving across the world through these communicators, and my husband and I are called to be one of their ranks. I don't know about you, but we are paddling our board out to ride that glorious grace-wave!

Soak in these lyrics, and get your grace-filled hands on this new CD by Robin Mark:

Just as I am one only plea
In that the blood once shed was shed for me
And drew me to a covenant place
Where I found mercy in the year of grace

No condemnation now for me
Your Word has touched my heart and now I see
In Heaven stands to plead my case
The One who found me in the year of grace

O Son of God sweet Son of Man
The Author of redemption's plan
Eternal God in time and space
O keep me ever in the year of grace

I hear Your voice my soul awakes
Your whispered words have stirred my heart to praise
On love unbound I fix my gaze
Where I first saw You in the year of grace

In life in death whom shall I fear
Closer than breath I feel You near
Oh hold me in Your strong embrace
Where I find rest within the year of grace
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