Random Acts of Beauty...

When I see an image that makes my heart beat just a little faster, I save it to my inspiration file. (Most of the time I include the name of the blog where I saw it, unless that blog got it elsewhere, and the writer doesn't remember where...easy to happen, believe me, I know!)

My own pictures, about five different shots I took of the decor of both daughters' weddings, are all over the internet, copied and pasted onto other blogs, with no credit given to me. I really don't mind at this point...but I might mind later, with future photos. Hence, my husband got me Photoshop, and I've learned to put my name directly onto the photo itself. It isn't foolproof security, but it is a start.

So anyway, design inspiration is everywhere. I find the more I feed my hunger for good design, and for beauty, the more voracious my appetite becomes. I have quite a collection of gorgeousness, and so this evening, I'll share a tiny bit with you. Enjoy - these run the gamut from Christmas decorations to fashion.

These two images above are from the beautiful blog, "Sofie's Haus". The outfit is so near perfect, and I want the boots!

This living room "hits it out of the ballpark" in my opinion. Simple, simple...and lovely. I happen to really like the "unfinished" look of the antique couch.

This image is also from the blog "Sofie's Haus". It is an antique drawer that was made into Advent candles! (You light one on each of the four Sundays before Christmas Day...) The only change I'd make, is the color of the candles. I'm just not feeling the black. I have an antique sewing drawer, currently holding my living room remote controls - I just might redo it for the Christmas season, into my own Advent Candle Celebration!

Image from Pottery Barn - who this year, incidentally, have the best Christmas display and products of any "chain style" retailer, anywhere. I thought for a moment, on my latest visit, that I'd died and gone to my version of Holiday Heaven. EVERYTHING is "just my style".

Dear Santa,
I. Want. It. All.

"Sofie's Haus" does it again. This girl knows her fashion. I find her aesthetic irresistible! All genius begins, in its embryonic stage, with imitation. Make sure you imitate the very best. (Caveat: if you imitate too long, or too closely, you become a caricature. You become a cutesy carbon copy of someone else, and cutesy always kills. Make sure your imitation isn't too identical, and make sure it gives birth to your own originality! Alas, I am forever lapsing into "a teaching". I'll stop now. Amen.)

Anyhow, I'm imitating Sofie, next time I get dressed.

The German/Scandinavian blogs are stealing my heart lately. If you haven't discovered them, you are truly missing out. These women seem to be designers by genetic predisposition. Their taste is flawless. This image from the blog of Andrella Liebt Herzen. Again - imitation! I want to make ornaments like this one. So simple - yet brilliant. Isn't that how you would describe all the best designs?

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