The Christmas-Tank is FULL...

It was one of those perfect moments. All by myself, in my car, driving in the velvet darkness. A pinch of Christmas lights, was combined with a heaping cup of Amy Grant's "Breath of Heaven", and sprinkled with snow falling copiously in the glow of my headlights ....God stirred all these ingredients together for me tonight...

...and I was enchanted!

How often do I get to go shopping in the snow? With a cute wool peacoat on, a hand made red scarf, and an adorable crochet cloche hat, with a red crochet trim, and black boots? I felt like a Christmas movie, everything (including me) looked like a Christmas movie...and I was smiling, glowing, gloating over the ideas I was gathering.

It was one of those (very rare) evenings when I could walk confidently into an upscale store, and heads might turn...not because I didn't look like I belonged there, but because I DID look like I belonged there. Fashionable from head to toe (oh, glee!), with red leather gloves on my hands, I was tranquil and gloating over my secret knowledge. What was my secret knowledge?

I didn't belong in any exclusive store, and was deeply enjoying the thought. I don't ever buy anything in "upscale stores". I just gather ideas. Have you seen the latest Christmas commercial, where the wealthy lady is showing you her Christmas mantel, with its stockings hung, and telling you all about the provenance of each bejeweled stocking? She then reaches out to still one that is swinging back and forth, saying, in her most controlled and educated tone, "I want these to hang straight and still. The movement will cause wear and tear."

A hilarious satire on people who buy "upscale" for the sake of "upscale". My secret knowledge was just this: This season isn't about what you own or can get. Christmas, from its inception has been about how very much you can do with what small thing you have right there beside you....whether that be a stable, or gold, frankincense and myrrh, or a shepherd's staff. Are you using it to glorify Christ? To make Him known? To love others? In the words of God to Moses, "What is that in your hand?"
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