Baby Jeremiah is Here!

Baby Jeremiah Bailey came unexpectedly today. Let me say first that he is fine. Mom will be allright, too.

Here is what happened....momma fell.

I know, right? Just reading those words probably makes your heart skip a beat, even if you don't know the Baileys.

Kelly was almost 9 months pregnant, and was planning an all natural, midwife-assisted delivery at our local birthing center. She had a perfect pregnancy, looked beautiful all the time, stayed remarkably fit and healthy. As the Braxton-Hicks contractions were setting in, as she would have pre labor every now and then, she was progressing beautifully, and was 3+ centimeters dialated all on her own. We all have been waiting, knowing that she'd go into "THE" labor at any moment. Harvest Church prayed over her today that Jeremiah would come quickly.

Then, after church, she had a bad fall at the grocery store. She went to the hospital to be checked out. The baby's vital signs were okay, but Kelly had fallen hard enough, badly enough, that the doctors did not want to risk anything, and they began preparing her for a C-section immediately.

Though we are all disappointed that this wasn't the birth experience Kelly was hoping for, we are all deeply rejoicing that our wee little weeping prophet is here.

And now, without further ado, I present to you Mr. Jeremiah Bailey:

There he is, softly crying in his grandmommy's arms. He has the sweetest, most poignant cry. Poor little man, he has had a very hard day.

Here is the proud pappa, Matt Bailey, our church's youth pastor, moments after delivery...

I think he is still wrapping his mind around the fact that the wait is over, and Jeremiah is, in fact, here!

Thank you, Lord, for a healthy Bailey baby!
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