Netbook Cover

I am missing my beloved, who is in Atlanta. (Oh, and to any bad guys out there, I am not home alone. I am home with my daughter, my son-in-love who happens to pack heat and is an excellent shot, and my adorable grandson...)

To stave off the melancholy, I've been sewing my little heart out this morning.

After pricing covers for my netbook, I concluded they are all ugly, and overpriced. I mean, who wants a hot pink "neoprene" bit of hideousness to house their prized netbook? Not this would-be designer. And I don't want the black leather zipper case for it for every day. I only need that when I am traveling via plane...not very often.

The beauty of a netbook is its delightful and utter portability. Coming in at a very slim and small , oh about 7 inches by about 10 inches, the exact dimensions of an i-pad, if not a bit smaller, I can easily slide it into my purse. Thus, the need for a soft cover.

The least expensive thing I found was a cover for an i-pad. Ugly. $9.99. I knew I could do better, so I went to the fabric store and purchased some nice charcoal gray felt. For about $2 worth of felt,and some scrap ribbon and trim I already had, I came up with this:

and here she is, at home on my bedside dresser:

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