A "Pottery Barn-ish" Cable Knit Pillow

Finished an easy project this evening - see the blue cable knit pillow? I have been coveting some Pottery Barn pillows just like this, in various colors, but wasn't about to pay their prices. These soft, cozy knit pillows are a big hit this season, and decorators see no end in sight. They will most definitely be back in all your interior decor magazines next fall and winter.

So I went to the thrift store and bought the newest looking men's large sweater I could find. I bought it for ~one~ dollar, took it home, washed and dried it, cut a square out of the front and a square out of the back, and hand sewed the two sides together, wrong sides out. When I was half way done on the last side, I turned it right-side-out, and stuffed it with a down pillow form I already have. Then I sewed the whole pillow shut with matching blue yarn. (Well, semi matching. The blue isn't a perfect match, but I was determined to spend no more than ~one~ dollar on the whole thing...the blue yarn I had was the yarn I made do with.)
And so, for ~one~ dollar, I have the perfect pillow that others paid sixty-five times more for. And it is in a beautiful hand picked, shade of blue-gray. Love!

I think I will do this a few more times now, and store the sweaters-turned-pillow-covers away when spring comes. Next autumn, I'll get them back out. My sofa will be adorned with cozy beauty. And I'll go visit Pottery Barn, where the style will surely be once again on lavish display, and I will smile smugly.

Until I see something else I want, but don't want to pay what they charge.

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