We Are So Proud of Justin!

We don't have sons-in-law here in this house. We have sons-in-love. Our son-in-love Justin McConnell took his test for his teacher certification shortly after baby Tim was born. He was a sleep deprived pappa. He is also doing his internship at Bearden high school. He is also months away from earning his Master's degree. He also picks up hours when he can at a second job.

So, it is no small thing that he scored in the top 15% of everyone who has ever taken the test. Not just the top 15% out of those who took the test this year, but of all who have ever taken the test, in the whole, long history of the test.

What? You don't believe me? The cake alone doesn't prove it? Okay, for all the cynical, jaded skeptics out there ~

(Just kidding...I know everyone believes me. I simply adore milking something for all it is worth, and this occasion is worth a lot!)

Okay, okay. So I could have taken a picture of someone else's award letter. Here is the proof-to-beat-all-provings:

See the name? "Justin McConnell".

Can I tell you? Yes, he worked very hard. Yes, he studied. But he will be the first to tell you....it was the grace of God. Justin has a revelation of grace that lets him live life at an unfair advantage. Justin believes that God is pleased with Christ, and Justin trusts in Christ alone for his sufficiency in all things, and so Justin gets divine favor over all his endeavors.

And yet, though his considerable intellect and sturdy work ethic is a gift from God, we all still get to say, "Justin we are so proud of YOU!"

I told you that grace men and grace women out-perform the legalist-performers!

God's grace works that way. Amazing!

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