A Master of the Needle Arts-Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

Allow me to introduce to you the unique and beautiful, timeless yet modern work of Lisa Borgnes Giramonti. This lovely lady is artist- mother to her grade school son, a wife to a husband who travels overseas a great deal...sometimes Lisa and her husband are able to bring their adorable son to amazing places like England or Morocco. Lisa is a Master of the needle arts, as you can see in the tapestry below...

Crafted by the inspiring Lisa Borgnes-Giramonti, who I discovered via her blog "A Bloomsbury Life". She has done intricate needlework on subjects such as silicone boobies and botox. Her work has been featured in prominent art shows all over the United States - I am not sure about overseas, though I would not at all be surprised. She has the effect on me that all good artists should have on those who view their work: she makes me want to sit down with some burlap and thread, and start stitching.

Good artists make their work feel accessible, even when no mere human could actually do it.
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