Jet Ski Afternoon

Found this picture on my smartphone today. It makes me miss my Preacher. I snapped this last month - on a late afternoon when we decided to rent a jet ski! Note: it was not wasn't a cold day, but it wasn't warm, either. Silly couple that we are, we chose to do it anyway.

And. We. Loved. It. We got there almost at closing time - we were the last ones allowed to rent a jet ski that day. We tooled around for two hours, going up and down the Tennessee river.

I saluted Neyland Stadium as we jetted by it, because hope springs eternal in a Volunteer heart. Heaven knows, I need optimism. Two words:

Tusca-dang-loosa Ala-daggum-bama.

Such a great evening, this was. The best of all my favorite things - sunshine, river, downtown in my hometown, high speeds, and having to hold on tight to my Pastor.

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