My Little Honey Pot

(Deep down, he's smiling. On the surface, home boy don't like the "lid" to his honey pot to be on toppa his head...)

There's nothing but pure sweetness in THIS honey pot.

Happy Hello-ween, y'all.

(That's what we do around here - Hello-ween. Fellow Harvester Wendy Cantrell, over at Hope Springs Blog, coined that phrase to describe what our church likes to do on Hello-ween, which is to stay home and meet our neighbors! So far, we've had one lone, tiny pirate come to our door...only to be roundly and loudly "attacked" by my daughter Sarah's itty bitty maltipoo, Amber.

This house is an epic fail for Hello-ween up to this point, but it is only 8 PM, so we shall see...)

Off to watch Terra Something-Or-Other on th' Tee Vee with my grown children...the Preacher comes home from Cambodia day after tomorrow!

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