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Oh, those wood counters! Simple and beautiful. Warm and unpretentious. Please don't take me the wrong way when I say that granite is so "last decade"....we all have things in our home we'd like to update or change, so if you already have granite countertops, it's cool. And if you just love granite, it's cool. Really. I don't. So please be cool with me, too, like I'm cool with you. If granite is your choice, I'm all for it. But, if you are just now renovating your kitchen, consider something other than. Designers the world over are saying that granite is one of those things that has been "done to death" - granite and that ubiquitous "great room design" in the center of the house...the one that now sort of reminds you of the gym in your local school. What were we all thinking, right?

There are so many other warmer and more interesting materials for your kitchen - investigate!

And if you ever are able to get your hands on a French bottle drying rack for a decent price - jump on the opportunity. I love mine. (This picture is not mine, not my kitchen, but I do have wood counters and a French bottle drying rack...)

Really study the simplicity of this party. The photo tells a story. This would be so easy to replicate, and looks so beautiful. Any bridal or baby shower...any birthday for any age....so, so appropriate!

I also love the story that this photo tells. Confession: we now drink from Mason jars. I fell for the whole idea of it...I downright swoon over the grainsack tablecloth thing, and Mason jar glasses. We love it. I want those jar tags, for when we are feeding a dozen people...which will probably be this week, knowing the way my life goes.

I could not resist tossing this photo in...because I love you. I know for a fact that this little guy (or girl) in his or her Halloween costume - cute little lobster in a pot - has absolutely made your day.

You're welcome.

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