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I'm excited to tell you that two of my three canvases have sold  all three of my 9x9 and 10x10 canvases have sold!  Here is another look at the last available  (just sold) mixed media canvas:

$45, postage paid
This canvas was done in acrylics, inks, gessos, stamps and a page from the Old English Catechism

I've also sold four photos!  Of course, the photos can be printed on demand, unlike the original mixed media paintings, so order as many as you like. 

After hours of post processing, I have some new offerings!  Half of everything sold will go to our teens for their mission trip this summer(My son-in-law Jonathan and daughter Sarah are leading our young people on a street evangelism trip to California in June), the other half will go to replenish my art supplies and printer ink.

Prices are the same, $10 for a 4x6 and $12 for a 5x7, postage paid. For now, until I can get my Paypal up, please email me to order anything you like:

"You Are Loved"

"He Is Risen"

"Hope In Sepia"

"Clear Blue Joy"

"Floral Joy"

"Hope Maketh Not Ashamed"

"Beautiful Day"

"A Bright Hope"

"Joy Cometh In the Morning"

Again, prices are $10 for a 4x6, or $12 for a 5x7. 

My daughter Hannah thinks I need to offer larger prints...which of course would cost more.  If anyone is interested, please email me, and I'll get back with you with a fair price for larger prints - perhaps matted for you. 

I'm so pleased with the money raised for missions and art supplies thus far!  Thank you so very much, for all the orders...and keep them coming!
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