Heart Stopping Cuteness

Doesn't my homeboy look big in this instagram photo?  Can you even stand it?   Because I can't.  This kid is cute enough to die for, a thousand times.  He's so "all that", I am tempted to become jealous of myself, because he's mine.  (My grandson!)  He makes coffee with his PopPop on most mornings.  He has tried to spank our teacup poodle, after being spanked himself for some major infraction.  His momma does the spanking - I haven't had to yet, and I loathe the day when I finally have to break down and pop that little leg.  For one thing, he gets furious.  For another thing, homeboy can hold himself a grudge, and I feel the need to hide the poodle.

Doesn't he just look like he could kick something's behind?  That manly little swagger of his. 

And he's not even a year and a half yet.

Grandmothering is, by far, the sweetest time in all of life.  You should hear this baby say, "Mimi...Mimi..."

...and biscuit...and bad dog....and mail...and bye bye...and PopPop...and bottle...and no no...and "Heeeeeey!"...and coffee (that one's a little hard - you have to know what he's saying to know what he's saying)...and turtle...and George (the monkey)...and basketball...and Aunt RahRah...

I'll stop now.
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