A Day of Art - My Art Is For Sale

Today has been...

::happy sigh::


Perfect sunshine.  Perfect time of prayer on my back porch with a perfect friend.  (All my friends are perfect.  A God-given gift and grace I have not earned and do not deserve.)  Perfect time with my Preacher, enjoying the flowers of spring on our city's Dogwood Trails.  The Preacher grilled me a ribeye for dinner.  And I got to spend hours and hours shooting pictures and making art!

And since our church is raising money for a missions trip, I am going to fling caution to the wind and let you know that anything you see is up for sale - half of all proceeds (because I need to reinvest half to replenish my supplies) will go to fund our youth group's mission trip to the streets of California - where they will do street evangelism, hard core, with our good friend Mike Giordano and his LifeQuest ministry!  (Friend Mike on Facebook...check him out, he's the real deal!)

Please email me if you are interested in anything you see below!  Remember - half of all proceeds go directly to my church to fund our youth's mission trip, the other half will be spent at Jerry's Art-O-Rama, replenishing my supplies so I can paint/shoot even more, hopefully raising more much needed funds!

Feel free to share this blog post on your Facebook or any other social media - I'd love to raise some serious cash for our Harvest kids, several of whom are from a single parent family!

(Click on any image below, for a larger view)

"Amazing Grace"
 A color print of this can be yours, your choice of 4x6 ($10, postage paid) or 5x7 ($12 postage paid)
 1 "Amazing Grace" has SOLD - but more are available - just let me know

 Again, your choice of 4x6 ($10 shipping included).....or 5x7 ($12, shipping included)

 ...same price as above...


If you want any of the following florals, same thing applies - $10 for a 4x6, shipping included, or $12 for a 5x7, shipping included.  These are all from my gardens, shot on my porch.  If you want a larger size, email me and I'll see what I can do:

I heart the texture in this photo - the crackled antique wooden toolbox with the violets, the bright orange glass, the dwarf iris...beautiful!  Or, you might love this version:

"Grow In Grace"
1 "Grow in Grace" has SOLD - but I can print more...please continue to order this one if you want it.

"Bottled Sunshine"

Again, I love this photo's texture.  I am reluctant to re-stain our deck, because the crackled patina makes for some beautiful pictures.

"Spring Iris"

 ::happy sigh::  This photo was a joy to shoot.

"Colorwashed Spring Iris"
The canvas I completed last week is for sale.  Here are pictures of the end of the process:

This is inks and acrylics, with a part of a page of the Catechism.  It's my favorite of the few canvases I've completed.  It was done in gesso, guache, acrylics, stamps, pages, and it was all hand lettered.  Here is a better shot of it:

 $45, shipping included (still available - last one!)

Next, here is the first canvas I ever completed, done in acrylic, gesso, ink, and watercolor, a bit of General's Sketch and Wash pencil, layered onto the pages of an antique book:

very "folk art", very graphic... 

 This one is $45, shipping included


Lastly, this is the 10x10 canvas I completed today, in acrylics and guache, antique hymnal papers and vintage print papers, modeling paste, stencil, inks, crackling medium, and even some watercolor:

$45, shipping included.  SOLD

This would look beautiful against any neutral wall, white, candlelight, ivory, or soft gray.  The camera doesn't do it justice - there is lots of texture that the camera isn't picking up on.

Please click on this link for more available prints

For now, please email me if you want any of the above pieces.  (You'll find my email link at the upper to middle right of my blog page, below my picture.)  I am throwing caution to the wind and diving straight into this, as I said, so I don't have my Paypal button up on my blog just yet, but I will figure out how to do it, and get it up ASAP.
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