Art For Missions

Well, I can't figure out how to turn this picture back right side up...but if you tilt your head a bit to the right, you'll see one of our church's offereing envelopes, and this one was mine.  I designated my tithe and offering up above (you can't see that part), and down below I was able to put $100 in my designated fund - our teens mission trip to California!  I took a picture of it with my smart phone, and happily plunked the envelope into the plate this past Sunday.

All three of my canvases have sold, and about 6 prints, too! 

Today, I've been commissioned to paint my "In Christ Alone" canvas in shades of black and white, with gray tones as well...for a lady whose room is decorated in a modern style black and white color scheme.  She's also ordered my print "He Is Risen" in black and white, with that yellow flower giving it a bright splash of color.

Half of everything I make goes to missions, and half into replenishing art supplies.

These are exciting days for me!  If you see any canvas you'd like to have, feel free to commission me to paint it in the colors that best suit your decor.I can also, of course, print any 4x6 or 5x7 print (or larger)  you might like.  I send these matted, in a cellophane protective sleeve.
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