Photography Practice

I got this shot off today, flat on my belly, on a gravel road.  Camera in full manual mode.

No lie.  Every part of my body (except for my head and my wrists and my hands) was on the dusty gravel backroad, deep in the mountains.

So stinkin' sweet. I confess to loving this picture.  What you see is straight out of the camera, I have not even opened Photoshop's tools.  (You can tell, because there is no watermark on it.  Come to think of it, I need to fix that...but it is late.  I'm sleepy.  I don't want to open Photoshop.  I'll do that tomorrow.  Surely no one will steal it between now and then.  I've had about four of my photographs "stolen", before I had the ability to watermark them!)

And The Preacher adores that I get so carried away in any given moment that I will squeal, drop to the ground, camera in hand....breathless with joy.  He has seen what sadness does to me.  He vastly prefers to see me taking joy.  He thinks I'm cute.  I'm glad.

What a great day.
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