Community and Hospitality

(...our chalkboard wall...)

Practicing hospitality is work.

But the Bible says in Proverbs "In all labor there is profit..."

We had our missionary friends Lewis Burke, his wife Kristen, and their two delightful boys Sterling and Benjamin over for dinner last night. This morning, Lewis brought the word to Harvest Church, and I would be genuinely surprised if there was a dry eye in the building. God's people were deeply ministered to, and it is possible that our new friend Keece came to salvation in Christ - time will tell!

Profit! In all labor, there is profit.

Being an integral part of a church community is hard work. ("Integral" meaning: being a vital part of the structure of community, versus being "scaffolding"...there, temporarily supporting the work, and then gone. The average time frame for scaffolding saints is 3-5 years. I feel sorry for them.) It is work to stick and stay and to be committed.

But the Bible says, "In all labor there is profit..."

(Lewis, and a Cambodian woman)

Lewis and Kristen, your profit margins are unbelieveable.  Only a Kingdom Investment can reap the rewards you have!

Lewis and Kristen invest in God's Favorite Thing:  People.

People!  Not livestock or livery or hobby or home or anything money can buy.  God's favorite thing is people.  Any work we do related to people, any investment we make, equals treasures in heaven.

Heaven!  Where nothing breaks down, or has to be repaired, or gets mouldy or has to be locked up.  No thieves can steal profit stored in heaven. 

And God releases that profit to us, as needed, right here on earth.

Jehovah Jireh loves people.  I think I want to keep investing in friends like the Burkes.

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