My New Camera - A Vintage Brownie Hawkeye

I have two words for you:  Madeleine Peyroux.  Pour yourself a glass of great Merlot, and turn up your speakers.

::deeeeep breath::

I know, right?  Bliss.  The song La Javenese describes my day today...though I haven't a clue what it is saying.  The mood.  The mood of the song has been the mood of this day.

I wish I could rewind this day, and take you with me.  What.  A.  Perfect.  Day.

I woke up, and decided that, with The Preacher in Venezuela, and my youngest visiting the basketball coach at his future college, I actually could go do whatever I felt like doing...without anyone missing me. 

Without anyone needing me.  Oh my dear sweet Lord.

La Javenese.  I don't know what that means, but that's all I got to say about that.

I grabbed my Nikon and was out the door.  Sans makeup.  The world was lucky I got dressed!  I was bustin' to cash in my "get out of jail free" card.  (Not that my home is a jail or anything...I've just been tending to lots of details lately.  And I had worked until 2 A.M. this morning! It has been months of "nose to the grindstone" for me here at The Cottage.)

I drove to the University of Tennessee's arboretum, where I walked and shot with the Nikon - the sun was that perfect morning golden.  I haven't uploaded any of those pictures, so I don't know what I've got on my big girl camera yet. 

But I had something else in my back pocket.  My smart phone.  And interestingly, I'm hugely pleased with the Instagram photos I took with it!  Easy, easy...

Shot from a little foot bridge, over a small pond...hear the birds?

How can you not be deliriously happy, walking in total silence, but for birdsong, while praying while taking pictures while inhaling the sweetest fragrance?  I am itching to upload this onto Photoshop, tweak it some,  and slap a texture on it.  And maybe a short quote.

After leaving the arboretum, I swung into an antique shop.  I even left my purse in the truck, tucking it behind the bench seat.  I told myself, "Today is a "look, don't buy" kind of day."

(You know, the kind of day you have after you pay to have your son's car repaired...)

But.  But.  But I found this beauty:

A Brownie Hawkeye camera.  1950's model.  $12. 

Would you say no?  I didn't think so.

My son-in-law, artist and photographer Jonathan Howe looked it over for me, and tutored me regarding this camera.  He even took me to Thompson Photo Supply to get me some 120 film for it - which he painstakingly, in a pitch black bedroom closet, re-spooled onto this camera's 620 film spools.  (620 film has been mostly discontinued, and costs  $12-$15 for a 12 shot roll.  120 film is still available in camera specialty stores, costs $5, and can be used in this camera by respooling it in pitch black darkness.  Thank you, son-in-law.)

My baby is ready to go!  I cannot wait to see what I get with this camera.  The shots I've seen online, all taken with this very model Brownie Hawkeye, are dream-like in quality...very vintagey.  Tomorrow, I hope it will be sunny again, because I already know what I want to shoot, after church lets out...

...the perfect barn, about 5 miles away from my house.

...the same flowers I shot at the arboretum with Instagram (see above).

...some downtown architecture.

...a 50's model  Chevy truck I saw today, with weeds growing all around it, and vines climbing onto it.

...some old signs, if I can find some great ones.

Any more ideas for me?  I'd love to hear from you, if you are a Brownie camera lover!  Apparently, there are quite a few of you out there.  I hope I get some sweet, sweet shots tomorrow.
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