My Art "Mentor" - Makoto Fujimura

This video is about 14 minutes eternity, in this medium called a "blog".  But if you can slow down long enough to hear...I can tell you, you'll be blessed.

This man, Makoto Fujimura, though I've never met him in person, has impacted my life.  I get my love for mixed media from him (a fact which might horrify him to know...because the man paints with real gold!  I use a mix of watercolor, acrylic, ink, and pages from antique books!)  For another thing, I have learned a deep love of abstract art from him - a love that I never had before.  I understand abstract.  I finally understand it.  Well, I might only understand it from the context of the Gospel of the Finished Work of Christ.  All that art does, ultimately, is resonate with an obsession or deep need in a human being.  Only a very small percentage of modern art will resonate the human heart.  Fujimura's art resonates life.

To me, mixed media and abstract art can be the most closely representational art there most closely resembles real life, its surprises, its dark and light places, its mistakes made beautiful, its mosaic of experience, and infinite variety of materials encountered in just one average, normal day....and the fact that every human being will experience grace and life differently - through their perspective, whether Old Covenant, New Covenant, or No Covenant At All. 

Towards the very end, the things Mr. Fujimura says about the church, grace, will "school" you, if you allow it to.  If you are very short on time, bump the video up to about the 11 minute mark, and watch from there.

Why not learn something from a master?
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