Kitchen Reveal: She's Done, But Still Needs "Jewelry"

The kitchen repair and redecorating is done...all but for the "jewelry". Jewelry is the last thing I put on, when I dress. And so - cabinet knobs and pulls are the "jewelry" of the kitchen...I put them on last. As in fashion, same with kitchen design: my favorite jewelry is the most expensive.

Therefore, to be completely honest, I have no idea when I will purchase the drawer pulls and cabinet knobs I want. We did this whole kitchen repair and redecorating for under $300...there is no more money allocated to the kitchen for now. It will have to wait. The kitchen jewelry I want will actually run me well over $100! So please excuse the knob-less cabinets, and the drawers with the old "twig" style pulls...other than that, my kitchen is "dressed" and ready for a few more years of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and parties.

Here is the kitchen "before" (picture from last Christmas) ~

And "After"~

The long view, from the hallway~

Fun details~

My glassware, more fun details on top of the cabinets~
One of the corner shelves~

The kitchen window (took some of these pictures late last night - not a good idea, probably...)~

Looking backwards, into the dining room (since I don't style my photos,you can see my sister's pocket parrot on a barstool. ::smile:: We're bird-sitting Pierce Brosnan (his name!) while my sister is at the beach with her family...)~

The kitchen's new accent color is torquise blue for the spring and summer, and I'll go to chocolate brown accents in fall and winter~

That hallway wall you see in the background will soon be painted in some Swedish/French inspired color - a dove grey, or a very pale shade of blue-green. The color palette of the entire house will be changed from autumn colors, to a very quiet white/cream/grey palette...colors that whisper.

Since taking art classes last summer, I have fallen in love with the idea of a "white canvas" is peaceful, and full of possibility. Any color in the whole world can be added, and it will never clash. I want the entire background of my home to be like that white canvas...fresh and clean and bright.

Thanks for coming by!
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