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"My Mother"

Everyone knows that reading is the key to wisdom and knowledge.  If you had a mother who read to you, you are so richly blessed.

5x5x1.5 canvas, beautifully and unusually mounted on cast iron trivet
Acrylics, gesso, guache, inks, modeling paste, with a genuine antique key mounted on the canvas
 hand-stamped and hand lettered, on antique book pages. 

This original painting features an excerpt from a poem by Strickland Gillian

"...richer than I you could never be -
I had a mother who read to me."

Here are some other detail views for you ~

The antique key

the words on the top of the canvas peek out: "Literary Lanes"

And on the side, the antique book page reads "A Sermon on Reading"

So uniquely mounted, with one last surprise - the back is stamped burlap.  This piece looks rustic and pretty and finished, even from behind. 

Love this.  It so speaks to what has always been a major philosophy of motherhood in my life and home. I read to my children every single day, even as high school students, I read to them for a few minutes each day, for the sheer joy of reading books.  Reading aloud is truly the key to all learning!

This one is a hit here...we are all so partial to it.  Lots of love went into it, and The Preacher even did all the fabrication and mounting, Hannah did the photography.

$45 postage paid

If you love this "My Mother" canvas, if you can give it a good home just in the nick of time for Mother's Day, please email me right away! 

Remember - half of everything I make - gross, not net - goes to missions, the other half goes back into my art supplies...which now must necessarily include cool and unusual mountings for smaller square canvases!  Fun!
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