A Season of Harvest Is Now ALSO "Sheila Atchley Designs"

random picture from my archives, because I didn't want to leave you pictureless...

I've heard from a couple of you!

You typed in my blog address, like you always do, and you ended up redirected to a more or less blank page.

I know, right?  What was I thinking?!

Well, here is the scoop, hopefully condensed:  since my art is actually selling, since I might even do a big art show in the fall, since I am taking Jeanne Oliver's class on small business, I am looking at making some changes to my web presence.  You can still always find me at  "aseasonofharvest.blogspot.com".  But, effective immediately, anyone and everyone who types www.sheilaatchleydesigns.com into their browser will  also be taken right here.

To our blog.  It isn't "my" blog, because that means nothing.  A blog is nothing without readers.

And I couldn't give you up.  All one dozen of you.  You mean so much to me, I've spent hours and hours figuring out the simple act of directing all traffic to sheilaatchleydesigns.com, to this blog, so we wouldn't lose each other.

I did it.  Finally figured it out.  Bam.

Sheila Atchley Designs Dot Com.   I may start a small business by that name, who knows?  And if I do, people need to be able to find me by name.  Hence, the new/old address  Sheilaatchleydesigns.com, which will take you to this old/new blogspot address.

One thing is for certain:  I will be making some changes to the Season of Harvest blog you've always known.  Good changes.  But you will still find me at the address you've always known.

I'll be creating a new header, and launching into a new project that I want to keep a surprise.

Regardless of what I decide to do, I need your support!

How can you support me?  Just keep coming back.  And pray for me.  I have several new avenues I want to take with this very website, and sharing the Gospel of the Finished Work of Christ will always the object of all my endeavors - be it through art or business or websites or whatever.

And just for fun...please type "www.sheilaatchleydesigns.com" into your browser.  Let's get this party started, and blow up Google Analytics!

Well.  ::cough::

I can dream, right?  Whatever happens with my Google ratings, I am glad we had this little talk.
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