I Love the Law {February, the Month of Love}

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I love the law more than any legalista. I love the law more than any woman who is convinced that she is "more blessed" if and when she keeps the law - whether that be Jewish ceremonial/celebratory laws, or the law etched in stone...I love the law more than even she.

Far more, in point of fact.

Legalists (and their legalista counterparts) do not truly love the law...they love their's and everyone else's perceived performance of it. If a legalist really loved the law, they would study harder in order to use it lawfully.

The old covenant is cancelled. The new has come. The law is to be used as a schoolmaster, to point inexorably to Christ.

No other use for it. None. It is no longer a source or conduit or channel of blessing.

Anyone who thinks that they are blessed to any degree by keeping the law has not studied the law in all its exacting and fierce force. The standard is a perfect standard, and only One has ever fulfilled the law....Christ.

All God's promises are "yes and amen" if you are in Christ. All God's promises are "no and maybe" in the law.

You choose. I choose Jesus.

I love the law for what it reveals to me of Grace. I may be the only person you know who has read the curses of the law (that must come upon your life if you seek to be justified by the law in any way) and wept with joy and excitement and passion.

Because of Christ, my experience in this life is one big fat "instead".

Blessing instead of cursing.
Instead of the thorn tree, up comes the myrtle tree...in full bloom. (Is. 55)
Instead of ashes...beauty.
Instead of sadness...the oil of joy.
Instead of broken relationships...restoration.

Not one curse can touch my life, because I have died to the law and am "married" to the Gospel...married to Christ. All that is His, is also mine.

Especially His righteousness. His righteousness belongs to me, as sheer gift.

Using the law lawfully has led me to utter fullness in Christ.

Written for you with love...
Sheila Atchley

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