I Love...The Preacher's Photography {February, the Month of Love}

So The Preacher loves DSLR photography. And he has gotten quite good at it...sometimes to my consternation. His composition is often better than mine. He always seems to grab the best shot. We are in an ongoing competition over who is the best...there are days I feel pretty good about my skills...

...then, there are days like today, when it seems God helps him win.

Wouldn't that be cheating???

Look what landed in our back yard, four feet from our (dirty) kitchen window:

A gorgeous, gorgeous young hawk.

Blessedly, Mr. Hawk was standing on a very special painted rock that only we own...otherwise you might think The Preacher stole the shot off the Internet somewhere.

"Whaddya lookin' at, preacher man?!?"

(The hawk wasn't really saying that...)

Who can compete with that? So not fair. Hawks never pose for me.

Written for you with love...

Sheila Atchley

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