I Love...Coffee {February, the Month of Love}

This is some of my original photography, available as a print, in my shop...

I love me a good cup of coffee.  I am also one of those women, whose husband delivers her a cup - in bed - each and every morning.  I sit, tousled hair and reading glasses, looking far less than lovely -  propped up on pillows, prying my eyes open so that I can begin my morning reading...and The Preacher makes my first cup and brings it to me.  Some mornings that might be six AM....most mornings it is seven, and some mornings eight.  Just whenever I wake up, he fires up the Keurig.

Don't be a hater.

He's a grace-man.  That's what you get, when you are blessed enough to be married to a man who "gets" the Gospel...who understands the grace of God.  He doesn't expect perfection from me...he loves me to perfection.


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