Antique Typewriter

I have long wanted an antique that really works. This past summer, I bought this from my elderly neighbor:

...and that is exactly where I wanted to put it. It was broken when I bought it, so my vision for it was to tuck it in an outside nook, creating an interesting, unusual outdoor vignette.

But guess what I got yesterday?


This sweet thing is in mint condition, and came in its case! (Very hard to find, at a reasonable price...) My daughter Sarah spied it at a church rummage sale, and knew I'd want it.

Good, good daughter.

I can't wait to see what all I can create, with that lovely, old fashioned typed font.

I leave you with a few pictures, all fresh and just-snapped today, as though you came and spent an afternoon here with us...

One of my sunflower patches got tilled up over the weekend - it is waiting for me to plant it up!

Today was the first day of the 2011 season, that I got to hang the wash out on the line...bliss. ...a project Hannah is working on, for her new online shop (which sold out over the weekend! New items are being created, even as we speak.) That's my knee, there in the foreground. Dinner is in the oven, my honey and son-in-law are doing Wii golf, my knitting is calling my name.

Spent some time here today, with the grandbaby...just a few minutes was all we had, but we made the most of it, swinging and chatting together. Big Poppy Tim (as opposed to grandbaby Timothy) got our teacup poodle Rambo bathed and somewhat groomed today. Doesn't he have the biggest eyes of any poodle you have ever seen?

Wish you could come by and have a cold glass of diet Coke, and chat of cabbages and kings with me. It is just that sort of a relaxed evening - so nice after an overworked and very busy weekend.

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