Blouse "Upcycle" - From a Thrifted Dress and Skirt

It all started yesterday, when I made this pillow out of a linen thrift store dress... As I was gathering the scraps to throw them away, I noticed that the top of the dress was still intact: So I saved it, and began thinking about what I wanted to do with it. I remembered this thrifted skirt I bought last year, also for .75 cents, but have never worn - it is super cute, but a little too short for my liking.

But it has several rows of gauzy ruffles...

...which I utilized (cut off) to make a ruffled trim for the cut up dress-turned-pillow-and-blouse...

Here is the ruffle, sewed on to the bottom of the dress-top, making it into a tunic-length blouse:

Then I decided the neckline needed a little somethin'-somethin'. So I cut out about a zillion circles, and made four rosettes:

Here is all that was left of the skirt:

Here is the finished product - this thing is so cute! It looks darling on! I can't decide whether to keep it and wear it, or start a little online shop and sell it.

I am so enjoying this little season of not homeschooling. I have not "not home schooled" for twenty years. Isaac will be completing his apprenticeship, and finishing up a very few things for his senior credits, and it is mostly all on him now.

I basically get to wake up every day, play with grandson, and decide what fun thing I want to do today. I have never had that luxury, ever. I graduated from school, went straight to work full time, got married, kept working, and got pregnant with twins before our first anniversary.

Then I chose to home educate all four children. I am, in the enviable position of being a young "forty-something" who has absolutely no regrets, is not burned out, not skeptical, not jaded, and getting to decide what I want to do with the rest of my life - how would God have me spend and be spent for Him in these finest years that lie ahead of me? I am considering a part time job - since staying at home to raise and home educate four children with a husband in full time ministry was/is the equivelent of financial suicide. We have some ground to catch up on. I simply have to decide which job do I want? All advice will be eagerly considered.

God is good. And for now, waking up and sewing stuff is crazy-fun.
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