Precious Moments

Grandson Timothy, playing with his daddy and momma...

Oh, that sweet, sweet face. Tuesday early morning, I was still under the covers waking up, when Poppy brought me a cuppa coffee and my grandson. There are no words for it! The sun was beginning to shine beautifully, dappling light through the trees, casting rays over the bedcovers and my walls. My window was open to let in the bird song, the coffee was hot, and grandson was snuggled under the blanket with me, smiling and "talking" to me - giving his mommy a few extra morning-minutes to herself.

It was like I was totally inside a "Folgers In Your Cup" coffee commercial.

We had found out the night before that our oldest boy has been meritoriously promoted this week (he is a Marine) and our youngest son had just left for his apprenticeship was his first day. He is learning a trade as a part of his high school education, just as his brother did at his age. (Years ago, we made learning a trade mandatory, whether our sons were college bound or not. We felt it vital that every young man know how to do physical labor, with his own two hands, in addition to a college degree. That's just good character. "If you have not at least begun to learn a trade, you do not graduate from our home school..." that was the Atchley Tradition, and it has proven a wise one.)

So it was a fine morning, a milestone sort of morning, made all the finer by waking up to my grandson's sweet, sweet face. And a man who loves me bringing me both coffee and baby.

Folks, this is what it's like to be me these days. It just is. Don't hate on me for it. I'm not going to tell you I've "paid my dues". My family and friends would probably say that, because they are so good to me. But I don't look at it that way. Here is my take on it:

I'm living a dream I did not earn and do not deserve. God is true to His promises to me...that's all.
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