Baby Dedication(s)

(Tim and I, praying over baby Ethan...)

Yesterday, at Harvest, was a Sunday I will never forget. It was a true milestone in our history as a church - we've passed many milestones in the past few years...sending out our first full time missionary, setting in our elders, discovering "we" are expecting six babies (four are now born, two on the way), setting in five deacons, and the dedication, yesterday, of four babies.

I know elders are important. My own father was set in, also on a Sunday, as one of the elders in Harvest...think of it! I am a laborer in the harvest, side by side with my father. My daddy and I are in ministry together in the same church. I'd never have imagined it, just five years ago. And I know deacons are special. No finer men in this world can be found than those who serve Harvest as deacons.

It was a special Sunday, when we set those men in place. But yesterday was such a golden Sunday for me. Take a look at the front of the church, when the families all came forward to dedicate their babies:

Sorry this picture is dark. I'm the picture-taker, and I'm still learning. I posted the first picture so you can see Tim and I together. If you look closely above, the babies from left to right are: Timothy (my grandson, and my Tim's namesake), Ethan, Gabbi Grace, and Jeremiah.

Timothy (left) and Ethan (right)

...there's Gabbi Grace in the yellow dress, in her mommy Megan's arms. That's daddy Michael to the left of Megan and Gabbi.

This is Jeremiah, in his daddy Matt's arms. That's Kelly, to Matt's right. Baby Jeremiah and me...

"Then", back last November...

and now... (oh, how I wish I knew how to make this shot bigger for you!)

My. Lord. I. Am. Blessed. How I love these women and their babies. How I love that grandson of mine. Watching him being dedicated to the Lord was so very special.

Yes, it was a milestone Sunday. Four babies. How cool is that?

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