(Real) Birdcages As a Design Element - Cachepot of Knoxville, TN

Long ago, I promised you a visit to a special shop. I was dying to show you the most beautiful, real bird cage I've ever seen - one used as a design element.

Well, it sort of had to be today. Why today, I honestly don't know.

There has to be some name for it - this disorder I seem to have that puts me at the utter mercy of my impulses. I was dressed like I was running errands for Old McDonald's Farm. I was having a bad hair day. There was no rhyme nor reason for my sudden urge to keep my promise to show you this bird cage...right now.

No rhyme, no reason....and no camera. I didn't have my SLR. Just my camera phone.

I know, right? Oh well. Come with me to Cachepot - a completely lovely and unusual floral/garden design shop. It is tucked into the corner-end of a row of other unique and special shops, on Kingston Pike in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Here is what you see, when you first walk in: Moody lighting. Swedish/Gustavian inspired whites, creams, grays and the barest kisses of blue. This is a tablescape that sits between the bare branched trees...notice how another chair is used on top of the table, to add height to the display.

Turn to your left, and this is what you see:

(Ignore scary looking woman, who looks like she is running farm errands. She is not for sale.) This mirror...well, words fail me. Warning: "beautiful" is going to be an overused adjective in this post.

Turn to your right, and this is what you'll see:

Be. Still. My. Heart. Do you see the birdcage? (With yellow orchids in it...) The most-visited post on this blog is my post on real bird cages, used as a design element (a couple thousand views and counting). I love this cage so much, I wish I could date it. If I weren't already married to the Preacher, I'd marry it. And the framed letters on the wall behind it?


Please note: I am saving the best for last. As pretty as this cage is, it isn't "the one". I'll show you the birdcage I promised to show you at the end, here. Hang with me.

More letter love...and a look at the birdcage roof...

...and the glass wall pockets, filled with orchids... ...and the chair with the beautiful plate and bird bath filled with the beautiful glass wall pockets - those wall pockets that are just waiting to be hung in my house and filled with my favorite flowers. The whole thing? Yes, please. I'll take all of it. I'll even take that cracked concrete floor. It is all perfect.

I think this wants to be tucked in the corner of my future office/sewing room. With my pink wool snood around its neck.

You do realize Cachepot has a whole outdoor area for us to peruse, don't you? You can hear the soothing trickle of the fountains as you walk through the shop.

...and you can purchase flowers and flower arrangements here. This is the flower 'fridge. I was told it was spare pick'ins today, but I still thought this was...beautiful.

::cough:: I warned you about my use of that word.

But wait. There's more. I'm serious. There's more hydrangeas. They go all the way around that corner you see there... ...more flowers. I think these were going to be used in some arrangements that someone had ordered.

One of the pillars that lead to the back area, where Cachepot Magic happens, I suppose. I didn't go past the pillars, since I tend never to break rules and all. And stuff.

Stop laughing. I'm a preacher's wife. We don't break rules and tell people about it. (I really didn't go back there. Promise. But I wanted to...because I'm curious like that.)

Can you even stand the un-Photo-Shopped beauty of the deep green, and the creamy-white hydrangea, popping against all that pale neutral beautifulness? And all that glass...vignettes like this were everywhere.

Would you like a mini orchid? I am going back for one or forty-seven of these. Maybe a gray wool-felt cachepot is more to your liking? What about all those aged, rusted corroded wire thingeys? It is all for sale. Trust me - rusted corroded aged wire thingeys are all the rage. I have some. I want some more. The "greenhouse" in the center of the shop - full of orchids, ferns, vines and several other varieties of plants. Note: rusted, aged, corroded metal.

And now. The part you've all been waiting for. The most beautiful (real) birdcage ever. Anywhere. Ever, ever.

Are you ready?

Are you sure?

Are you sitting down? (Okay, I'll stop.)

If you were standing inside the greenhouse, this is the birdcage on the opposite wall.

Here is one view of the cage...

...and from the other side...

...a close up... And just one more, for good measure:

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have enjoyed our visit to Cachepot in Knoxville, as much as I enjoyed my impulsive photo shoot.

I arrived feeling harried and a bit scurried with a lot on my Preacher's Wife Mind. I left feeling tranquil. I realized, as I drove home, that I was humming "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".

How many places do that for you?

5508 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, Tennessee 37919
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