Embroidery on Burlap

Inspired both by the Easter season, and by the burlap tapestry art of Lisa Borgnes Giramonti, I started an embroidery-on-burlap project a few weeks ago...my very first.

I already had the burlap. I bought an inexpensive needlework frame, and got started, choosing the words "He Is Risen". Once I finished it, I decided to make a small pillow slip out of it.

Taking a small pillow that decorates my living room presently, I took its measurements and decided to make a pillow slip for that pillow - something I could put on it, and remove it sometime after Easter, and save it for next spring...I love decorating for both Christmas and Easter. This, I think, will be specific to Easter.

I took a .75 cent linen jumper that I bought at Goodwill, specifically for the fabric alone - wouldn't be caught cold and dead in the dress...

...and laid out the measurements of the pillow on it, using a disappearing ink pen - all you sewers know the one I'm talking about...

Cutting from the center out in an "X" shape, I cut the opening for the burlap insert, and pressed the seams back...

...and stitched the insert into the opening, then sewed three seams together. (I left a finished edge that was already on the dress - one less thing for me to sew!)

The finished product ~

I so enjoyed the embroidery on burlap, and am already planning my next project with it.
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