My Chandelier

My daughter Hannah made me a beautiful chandelier. (Read about it here)

This past Saturday, Tim-the-Tool-Man-Husband finally had time to wire and hang it in my dining room! It is a sparkly gorgeous work of art, and the quality of the light in that room is exactly what I have been longing for. On the cloudiest day (we had storms here in East Tennessee this afternoon) my dining room looks like a clear, sunny summertime morning.

Beautiful, bright, crisp light. A must for me, in this season of my life.

Take a look:

I think rooms are not complete without something old and scuffed, paired with something fancy and shiny. Yin and Yang. Leather and Lace. Pearls and Jeans. Marrying the opposite textures creates such interest, whether in fashion or interior design.

My floors are (purposefully) worn and scuffed oak. My table is an oak antique. And on the wall, I have two sunburst-style grapevine wreaths. The sparkle of the girly chandelier balances out the scuffed masculinity of the wood and the grapevine. Walls are the white neutral backdrop that I have come to require.

"Hey baby, he's my handyman..."

(In the corner, behind the pocket parrot's cage, is a walnut room divider...put there to add warmth and texture.) All this room needs now is the right area rug, and a rustic, beautiful bird cage. With the right finishing touches, this will be the French/Swedish/Gustavian/Ecclectic/Undecorated look I've been going for.

I told you Hannah is a gifted designer.
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