Go Colts!

Warning: random post

We're forecasted to get 2 inches of rain in the next day or so, here in east Tennessee.

::she sighs, melodramatically::

So I decided to treat it just as I did the snow of last week - I went to the grocery store and the craft store and stocked up on Happy Things.

Today, I got milk and baking ingredients and yummy breakfast stuff and pasta and candles and all-natural grapefruit scented cleaner and a yellow primrose in a pot and reading material and soup. Tim is sick with a tenacious head cold , and my throat is suddenly sore, so soup is definitely in order.

All at once, I'm feeling just fine about the skies pouring rain for the whole entire day. I am onto something here! Whenever possible, prepare for a long, rainy day just like you would prepare to be snowed in.

I also visited our local discount store and found some (normally very expensive, special department store brand) bath milk from Scotland. It comes in a glass milk bottle, looks so elegant, and smells just perfect.

I planned well, and took my pocket parrot to get his wings clipped today, so I'll be able to get him out of his cage and cuddle him tomorrow. Without all that annoying flying he's gotten so good at doing lately. He has already figured out that he doesn't have much of a choice anymore, other than nestling on my shoulder, or perching in my hand. He took off two or three times earlier this evening, expecting to be able to soar all the way across the room like he usually does....and only made it about 12 inches. It didn't take him long to figure out that he is content to snuggle.

So I say to the impending gray, wet day, "Bring It." I am armed and ready. Once I get our hours of home schooling out of the way, I will have my choice between reading, writing, blogging, snuggling my puppy, snuggling my bird, snuggling my husband, taking a bath, baking cookies or banana bread or a fancy bundt cake, and choosing which recipes I'll cook up for the Super Bowl. (GO COLTS!)

All this, while candles burn cheerfully all through the house, and hot cider simmers on the stove.

And I won't have to leave this house for a thing...
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