Oh, Blessed Sun!

We had sunshine today! I'm telling you, a few hours of golden glory, and I am refreshed. Oh happy day.

Home made chicken noodle soup. The bride-to-be is sick, and so momma has to make some medicine. So, so easy! I swear, all I did was toss four chicken breasts (uncooked!) in the bottom of the crock pot, throw in a frozen block of my chicken broth (about 8 cups) and a bit of water just to get it going. Then I chopped some carrot and lots of garlic. Put the crock pot on high and walked away. Last, I pulled the chicken breasts out, shredded them with a fork, and plopped them right back in, and boiled up some egg noodles. Add some crusty French bread and a salad...it will cure what ails you.

More experimenting with macro settings...

The table this evening...

Close-up. Could you resist these plates, four of them for under $20? Nah. I didn't think you could either. If you only knew how perfect they are for our family!

The last rays of the sun, through my pot of tulips in the kitchen window.
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