Thrift Scoring

Well, I said I'd make this a regular feature. How regular, I'm not sure...I can't be sure until my life settles back into a normal routine (read: after daughter's wedding).

I am loving...loving...what I found today. While taking youngest son to a friend's house to work on a physics project, I happened to pass an antique shop. It is (sadly) going out of business, and I decided to stop in, after I dropped off said youngest. What else can a girl do, who suddenly finds a glorious hour or two at her disposal?

Do you know what the "vase" is? This is a vintage thingey that covers up your Kleenex box!

::Big Barney Fife Sniffffff::

I'm so proud. I didn't see this idea anywhere...I thunk it up myself. Three dollars. I saw the color, adored the color, and instantly imagined my Valentine's roses sticking out the top, instead of Kleenex. So I brought this beauty home, put a cup of water on the table, plopped the Kleenex cover-thingey over it, and put my roses in the hole.

Antique hymnal ~ four dollars. I'm going to rip it up and make cards.

Vintage necklace ~ four dollars. Silver cameo earrings ~ four dollars. The pearls will go perfectly with my mother-of-the-bride dress.

I am on such a tight budget in this season, I squeak when I walk. But rather than focus on what I can't spend, I am discovering the Art Of The Deal. Thrift shopping is wiser. Thrift shopping is...


There is desirable treasure, And oil in the dwelling of the wise...
Proverbs 21:20

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