Life is About Maintenence

Several years ago, I had my hair colored and highlighted by a stylist who is well known and highly regarded here in Knoxville. As she was helping me choose which shade and highlights to wear, I made the comment to her, "I need something very low maintenance. I just don't have the time..."

She stopped me mid-sentence, spinning my chair around so she could look me in the eye. With one hand on her hip, she said to me in her most commanding southern accent, "Honey, beauty is about maintenance!"


I stood (or sat) corrected. I felt so virtuous, with my limited time and all my heavy responsibilities...she shot me down with the truth, distilled into one sentence.

Thanks. I needed that. After all, it isn't like I'm working on a cure for cancer with all that "time I save" by not coloring my hair. And in that season of my life, I was well on my way to becoming one of those tired looking pastor's wives, complete with a martyr's complex. I am still tired looking, but at least I'm no martyr.

What does this have to do with brooms? Well, I've been thinking how that life is about maintenance. I forget the exact percentage, but something like 90% or more of life is pure maintenance: the cooking, the cleaning, the repairing, all the work that it takes just to live. Why gripe and complain about the inevitable? Scriptures tell us that "where no oxen are, the crib is clean, but great increase comes from the strength of the ox."

It stands to reason that if we make the maintenance part of our lives more appealing and pleasing, 90% plus of our lives will be improved.

If I had my choice of the brooms in the picture, I'd choose the toile. But what I am really about to do is break down and buy an electric broom, and a steam mop.

Yup. This is huge for me, because I have been a Don Aslett devotee for many years. I have sworn by his microfiber mop, with the velcro'ed pads. I never thought I'd make a change. But when I read that steam mops get up more dirt than you can imagine, and that you can put just a drop or two of essential oil (lavender or eucalyptus) into a steam mop....well, that pretty much does it for me.

I choose dish detergent and laundry detergent based on scent. I love Palmolive's aromatherapy liquid dish soap, and the Method's grapefruit liquid dish soap. Actually the whole line of grapefruit-scented Method product is fantastic.

I'm hoping to fix up my laundry room after my daughter's wedding - laundry is always, always going to be a significant part of I'd love to make my utility room really great. Of course, if my plans materialize, I'll take some blog worthy photos.

Think about it. I realize that the whole object of maintenance is to get it done as quickly as possible, so that we can move on into whatever our creative endeavors may be. But a significant part of every day will always be devoted to maintaining our stuff and our "selves". I'm really hung up on the idea that even chores and work can be made more pleasant.

Love that toile broom.
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